OTSH: first Habitat for Humanity's first 3D printed house

3D Printing: The Solution To Affordable Housing Crisis?

Habitat for Humanity selected Stringfield’s home as its first 3D-printed project. Initiated between a partnership with Alquist, a 3D-printing construction company, it is the organization’s effort to confront the nation’s affordable housing crisis, which increased due to multiple factors including the heightened costs of materials during the pandemic and a booming demand on the housing market

our town st helena: Creating co-ops to help solve the housing crisis. It will take a range of housing solutions

This Is What It Will Take: Creative Solutions to Solve the Housing Crisis

Cooperative housing — which can offer a less expensive avenue to home ownership — has been a model used to help combat displacement and gentrification in other cities nationwide. When residents buy a co-op unit, they purchase a share of the entire property equal to all other neighbors within the building. They develop ownership equity and manage the building together.

our town st helena: Democrats' Build back better includes a focus on affordable housing

Build Back Better: Dem’s Hoping To Make Historic Investment In Affordable Housing

“Unless you’re making a lot of money right now you can’t afford a house in this country,” Senator Jon Tester said at a recent hearing. He represents the state of Montana where now home prices and rents have been rising dramatically too. We’ve got businesses that can’t expand because there’s no workforce housing,” Tester continued. “There’s no housing for people who make regular wages ok?”

our town st helena affordable housing tower in new york city

In NYC: A Supertall Tower, How Much Affordable Housing Is Enough?

More than 20 years after the Sept. 11 attacks, a 900-foot apartment tower could soon rise at the World Trade Center site. The 80-story project at 130 Liberty Street, would include 1,200 apartments — of which 25 percent, or 300 units, would be permanently rented at below-market value — as well as office, retail and community space. A team led by the developers Brookfield Properties and Silverstein Properties could begin construction in 2023, if approvals are met.