our town st helena, 3D printed housing will help meet the housing crisis

3D Printed Houses Help Meet Housing Challenge

For a 3D-printed house — constructed via robotics and light stone material, often in less than 24 hours — the cost ranges from $4,000-$115,000. Oakland, Calif.-based startup Mighty Buildings has 3D-printed around nine homes since 2017, but in 2021 they expect to build “at least 100 units, and likely many more,” said co-founder and Chief Sustainability Officer Sam Ruben.

our town st helena building affordable housing in st helena

Affordable Housing: Why Does It Matter?

Stanford economist Raj Chetty found that children who moved to lower poverty neighborhoods saw their earnings as adults increase by approximately 31%, an increased likelihood of living in better neighborhoods as adults, and a lowered likelihood of becoming a single parent. Children living in stable, affordable homes are more likely to do well in school and have opportunities to learn outside the classroom.