our town st helena: Landlord raises money to keep families from being evicted

Affordable Housing Landlord Raises $9M, Keeping 3,000 Families in Their Homes

Marjy Stagmeier invested in old affordable apartment communities and quickly realized that many of her renter families were low-income single parents who needed services like after-school programs and playgrounds for their communities. Launched a nonprofit to provide social services to low-income families In response to the demand for social services, Marjy launched Read more…

our town st helena is an ADU right for you?

Is an ADU Right for You?

Napa Sonoma ADU Center is a local nonprofit committed to making the ADU building process as turnkey as possible for its homeowner market. The Napa Sonoma ADU Center’s website is a comprehensive resource for anyone who’s entertaining thoughts of building an ADU. There’s a workbook and an ADU calculator. You can review sample floorplans, receive a free feasibility study and listen to webinars that discuss the economics and realities of building an ADU.