OTSH: first Habitat for Humanity's first 3D printed house

3D Printing: The Solution To Affordable Housing Crisis?

Habitat for Humanity selected Stringfield’s home as its first 3D-printed project. Initiated between a partnership with Alquist, a 3D-printing construction company, it is the organization’s effort to confront the nation’s affordable housing crisis, which increased due to multiple factors including the heightened costs of materials during the pandemic and a booming demand on the housing market

OTSH. Salesforce team volunteers at Our Town job site

Salesforce Team Volunteers at the Brenkle Court Job Site

Project Manager Larry Vermeulen was delighted to have the extra help and wasted no time in finding jobs for the entire team. They cleaned up the site, loaded trash onto the trailer, and spread backfill. The hardy took a turn at digging the gas-line trench. “If other corporate teams would donate a morning or afternoon shift focusing on a specific task like this, it would significantly move us forward,” said Vermeulen.