our town st helena: converting empty malls and big box stores means changing zoning laws

Converting Empty Malls and Big-Box Stores into Affordable Housing Means Changing Zoning

A year of Covid means that we’ve learned to work, shop, learn and recreate virtually. The result is empty office buildings, hotels and malls. We desperately need more housing, especially affordable housing, so it’s only logical to convert those empty structures into housing. But zoning laws are standing in the way of making an easy building conversion.

our town st helena Jordan Bentley and family

An Insider Looks at the Challenges of the St. Helena Housing Market

As much as they may love the schools and the community, many families simply can’t afford to live here, and they leave. For Rob and Jordan, this is their home, the place they’re raising their kids. They’re committed to staying right here in St. Helena. But without affordable housing, St. Helena will continue to lose these young families who are an essential part of the culture.