Multifamily affordable housing — built inside a factory and assembled room by room — could soon be headed to San Diego County.

Last year, ABC 10 News traveled to the Bay Area’s Factory OS

At Factory OS, apartment complexes are constructed room by room. Modular units are moved along on an assembly line: floors, dry wall, windows, then electrical, counters, and so on. When the units are completed, they are trucked to the construction site, and assembled like legos.

“Not only can I build faster, but I can build for less,” said Bill Cavanaugh, co-founder of US Modular. He is based in San Marcos.

Modular in its infancy, but it has arrived

“We’re in Carlsbad. This is a home we built with modular construction,” said Cavanaugh, as he stood before a two-story home on James Drive.

The house is a 2,800-square-foot Craftsman style home

The first floor of the garage was built on site, but the rest of it was assembled at a factory in Arizona. Six modular units, created on an assembly line, were transported to the location, and put together in a day. Within 60 days, the electrical and other finishings were complete. Read more


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