Salesforce’s Enterprise Financial Services sales team recently joined us at Brenkle Court for a day of volunteering. Since its founding, Salesforce has been committed to using its business as a platform for change and prioritizing giving back by pledging 1% of its employees’ time back into the communities where they live and work. Employees are encouraged to give in ways that are personal to them, whether it’s volunteering at a local school, mentoring young professionals or donating their time to local community organizations like Our Town St. Helena. 

Giving back to the St. Helena community

Sara Chrisman Bjerkan is on Our Town St. Helena Board of Directors and she connected with a Salesforce team that was visiting St. Helena for a company offsite. The team was eager to give back to the community while they were in town and began exploring volunteer opportunities with Sara. Sara played matchmaker and connected the Salesforce team with the Brenkle Court crew. The result? Nearly 20 Salesforce employees showed up at the Brenkle Court jobsite, ready to get to work.

Project Manager Larry Vermeulen was delighted to have the extra help and wasted no time in finding jobs for the entire team. They cleaned up the site, loaded trash onto the trailer, and spread backfill. The hardy took a turn at digging the gas-line trench. “If other corporate teams would donate a morning or afternoon shift focusing on a specific task like this, it would significantly move us forward,” said Vermeulen.

Lots of volunteer opportunities to help finish Brenkle Court!

There are myriad small projects that need to be completed before our families can move into their new homes. Kitchen cabinets and appliances have all arrived—we need help installing these, along with flooring and other small projects. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Larry at To make a donation, please go to


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