The state has given Santa Cruz a $20 million grant for the Pacific Station Project located in downtown Santa Cruz. It includes a major facelift for the Metro bus station and will also benefit two affordable housing projects on adjacent properties.

“It really seeks to bring transit-oriented development downtown and also seeks to bring more affordable housing downtown and so that’s why this is so important,” said Jessica de Wit, Santa Cruz affordable housing manager.

The Pacific Station located in downtown Santa Cruz will receive a major facelift.

“There will be a brand new tarmac and all of our buses in the future enter and exit off of Front Street and so we’ll be able to build a much better more efficient tarmac for our customers,” said, Alex Clifford, CEO for Santa Cruz Metro.

The $20 million will support improved infrastructures

The $20 million will support improved infrastructures like biking, lighting and the widening of Maple Alley which will eventually tie into the River Walk along the San Lorenzo River. And will provide the groundwork for two major affordable housing projects on Lower Pacific Avenue.

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