OTSH has closed escrow on 951 Pope Street, the property adjacent to our current property at 963 Pope. Joining the two lots will allow us to double the project size from five to approximately 10 units. Located two blocks from Main Street, the “village” will  provide two-bedroom, one-bath, income-qualified rental units in duplexes and single-family dwellings. The project will be energy and water efficient and include adequate parking.

Purchase made possible by a generous donation

Our purchase was made possible by a generous donation to OTSH from Jim and Stephanie Gamble. “It is essential that local families and organizations support the preservation of existing housing and the building new homes for our workforce,” said Jim Gamble. “We are happy to invest in OTSH’s project to help grow the well-being of our community.”

What’s next: Planning and design to gain entitlements from City

OTSH purchased the site in September at market rate from the St Helena Hospital Foundation, who received it as one of several homes in an endowment from long-time hospital volunteer Mabel Johnson. We will now begin project planning and design with the goal of gaining entitlements from the City by the end of 2022.

 “We use combinations of donations, charitable sales, grants, loans and market-rate transactions to secure land for our projects. If you have an interest in selling or donating your property to us, please contact me,” stated Jennifer La Liberte, OTSH’s Executive Director. If you would like to discuss selling or donating property to OTSH, Jennifer can be reached at 707.812.9839 or jennifer@ourtownsthelena.org.


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