Twenty-two years ago, right after getting married in Oaxaca, Mexico, Julio Olguín Olivera and Alma Martínez de Olguín settled in St. Helena. Since then, they’ve formed a family and raised their kids: Mary, 22; Brandon, 20; and 15-year-old twins Camila and Julio.

Julio Olguín Olivera has worked in the wine industry for quite some time, and his wife often babysits for a couple of families in town. Ever since they got married, Alma made sure to bring up the subject of becoming homeowners to her husband.”

“I had been telling my husband, ‘I really want a home, I really want a home,’” she said. “I think repeating this and putting it out in the universe was key for this wish to come true.”

Alma heard about the USDA low-interest mortgage program from a future Brenkle Court neighbor

“While living at Stonebridge, I ran into Delia [López] at the laundromat and I overheard her talking about the program with a woman. I asked Delia about the program and went home and talked to Julio about it.”

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