The Rodríguez family arrived in the Unites States in 1995 with the goal of building a better future for their daughters.

“It was just my mom, my dad, and the two oldest daughters,” said Veronica Salto Rodríguez, the oldest of four siblings.

All of Martha’s daughters are attending college

Martha Rodríguez, now the head of the household, can say with pride that all of her daughters are attending school and that she sees a bright future ahead of them. Veronica Salto Rodríguez is studying to become a teacher. Marylu Aviña Rodríguez is currently studying at USC, Cristy Aviña Rodríguez is at UC Berkeley, and Araceli Aviña Rodríguez is a senior at St. Helena High School.

Though Martha feels proud of her daughters’ accomplishments, she also wanted to leave a legacy for them. “It’s a dream of each parent too have something to give to our children,” she said. Read more


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