In Vermont: Energy-efficient, Affordable Modular Homes 

VerMod: Housing for low and middle-income Vermonters that is built with New England winters in mind. The company’s solar panels can be prepped to provide battery storage to ensure homes have power when the sun isn’t shining and in the case of power outages.

Co-Owners Steve Davis and Kristen Connors and their team worked with state partners, including Efficiency Vermont, the High Meadows Fund, and the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board to design an affordable, modular, net-zero home. Inspired by the models and convinced there was a broad market for the homes, Davis and Connors founded VerMod, a modular home construction company with an emphasis on sustainability and affordability.

More than 100 energy-efficient homes

Over the past decade, VerMod has built more than 100 energy-efficient modular homes for Vermonters, improving on their model and adjusting to customer feedback along the way.

“There is a real need in Vermont for affordable housing,” said Connors. “As people downsize or maybe think about purchasing their first home, there is a lot of interest in energy efficient homes that use natural and low-VOC materials. They are healthier to live in and better for the planet.”

The future of affordable housing

Sustainability is not only the goal for each VerMod home, but for the company itself. The owners envision a scale of growth over the next decade that benefits and supports the Hartford community, and allows them to be creative with their designs. Read more


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