our town st helena: solving the housing crisis with quonset huts in detroit

The long half-cylinder of corrugated steel, prefabricated in factories, was used by development company Prince Concepts to create a unique apartment building of eight high-ceilinged units for 30% less than comparable affordable housing in up-and-coming neighborhoods in the city.

Think of a quonset hut as a tool

“A Quonset hut isn’t a design, it’s a tool—think about it the same way you’d think about a brick, it’s a tool to achieve a purpose,” explains their website. “For Caterpillar, Prince Concepts challenged architect, Ishtiaq Rafiuddin, to create an 8 unit project within one massive hut, as a 9,000 square foot sculpture with 6 residences and 2 Live/Work spaces that anchors a public park where people can soak up the majesty of a new age monument.” Read more


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