Over the next few months we will feature some of the industry leaders who are using creative approaches to deliver housing that is affordable. 


This month we’re profiling the Napa Sonoma ADU Center. Find out if an ADU is right for you

The ADU Center is a comprehensive resource for any homeowner who’s entertaining thoughts of building an accessory dwelling unit (ADU). An ADU can be attached to or detached from the primary residence. Either way, it provides benefits to the homeowner and the community if used for affordable housing. If you want to be part of the housing solution, I encourage you to strongly consider whether an ADU is right for you.


A Focus on Our Brenkle Court Project Manager Larry Vermeulen

We also want to recognize Larry Vermeulen our Brenkle Court project manager who has been responsible for keeping Brenkle Court, our USDA Rural Development Mutual Self-Help project, on track and on budget, despite setbacks from the pandemic and 2020 wildfires. His job includes ordering materials, scheduling inspections and subcontractors, and so much more. Most importantly, he’s turned a group of novices without any construction experience into a skilled, functioning team.

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