Last summer, we were meeting our benchmarks and staying on schedule. Our goal was to complete the roofing by early fall—before the fall rainy season. In this way, we could work indoors throughout the winter without rain delays—finishing the windows and walls, installing cabinets, etc.

Our schedule derailed in late summer

Our plans fell apart with the convergence of temporary Covid quarantines of several of our families and harvest season that left us short-handed on a number of weekends. Tragically, it was fire season that began in August that was the final blow. The Glass fire destroyed homes and commercial properties, leaving more families homeless and jobless. St. Helena was evacuated several times. 

While we desperately need rain, a dry fall and winter have meant that we’ve been able to continue to work outside. We’ve started on the siding. And we’ve finally started on that roof that we kept talking about! 


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