Project Manager Larry Vermeulen has kept our Brenkle Court homeowners-turned construction crew on schedule. Despite the COVID interruption, when we were operating with a smaller crew, we continue to meet our benchmarks. 

We’re framing the second floor

It’s going extremely well, especially compared to our halting efforts on the first floor. When we began framing last summer, we were neophytes. Many of our crew had never used hammers before, much less power tools. It took a lot of effort to pound in a single nail. There was the matter of hanging sheetrock and raising the walls. We’d complete one small task and everyone would stand around and watch.

What a difference a few months have made

We’re a much more practiced group now, and we’re working as a team. We’re able to anticipate the next move, so there’s much less wasted time. Much more efficient, we’re spread out across the eight-unit complex, working on different jobs. 

Our goal: Building a roof before the fall rainy season

It’s important to complete the roof before the fall rains return to Northern California. That way we can continue to work all winter without losing time to rain delays. We’ll be able to install the cabinets, windows, floors and complete other finish work so our families can move in to their Brenkle Court homes by spring, 2021. On Schedule! 


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