Our Brenkle Court team has celebrated many victories since we began digging trenches in 90+ degree heat in July 2019. Some may seem insignificant, butOur Town st helena work on the job site at brenkle court when you’re trying to put together a seasoned crew of carpenters from a bunch of novices, you learn to celebrate the small things.

Many of our team had never pounded nails before. One woman went home the first day, exhausted and in tears. It took more than a dozen strokes to pound in one nail. She had no idea what she had undertaken or how she was going to get through this. Now, like her colleagues, she’s an old hand.

A few other things we’ve powered through over the last nine months

• Using power equipment—and learning to be safe.
• Learning from Larry, our Project Manager—and remembering where we left off from one weekend to the next so that we’re working more efficiently.
• Framing. Who knew how much measuring it takes to build a home?
• Raising our first wall–the suggestion of what our Brenkle Court homes will look like.

But our April celebration was more important

We began framing the second floor and raised our first wall. We’re a much more seasoned crew now, and the second floor will go much more quickly than the first floor. We’ll do much of the measuring and cutting downstairs, then assemble upstairs. Each weekend, we get a little closer to realizing our homeowners’ dreams.