ourtownsthelena framing gets more complicated--including a windowIt’s been more than seven months since we began working on the Brenkle Court project. Those first few months were spent creating infrastructure—digging trenches in some of the hottest days of the summer. Pouring concrete and laying the foundation.

And now we’re finishing up the first-floor framing

In a few weeks we’ll begin working on the second floor of the townhomes. The work has gotten progressively more challenging—framing around windows, standing on ladders and nailing studs into place. The second floor will present new challenges.

Dry weather has helped us stay on schedule

We lost a little bit of time during the rainy weeks of November, but mostly dry weekends since then have kept us on schedule. Our eight families’ teams, made up mostly of their family members and significant others, continue to make significant progress. There are so many milestones and benchmarks that we’ve powered through, including:

  • Our first enclosed room
  • Our first framed window
  • Raising the common walls

our town st helena: using a skill sawThis may not sound like much, but remember that most of these workers had never pounded a nail or used a skillsaw before this project began!