Silicon Valley Bank has been a major financial contributor to Our Town St. Helena and is a shining example of a financial institution supporting our community.

our town st helena silicon valley bank volunteers support affordable housing

This team from Silicon Valley Bank’s Wine Division spent an afternoon at the Brenkle Court jobsite removing old fencing and breaking up concrete. This description is from Suzann Russell, the group’s Managing Director.

“My colleagues and I enjoyed getting out of the office, into the sunshine and fresh air, and working on the Brenkle Court jobsite. As the daughter of a contractor, the smell of sawdust and the sound of power tools is nostalgic to me, but I was reminded of the hard work and effort it takes to pull together a project like this.

I have worked in Silicon Valley Bank’s Wine Division St. Helena for the last 15 years and my parents live in town, so it is truly rewarding to see a project like this come together.

This affordable housing will help our workforce live closer to where they work, support our winery and vineyard clients and their employees, take commuters off the road, and add to the overall quality of life in St. Helena and the Napa Valley. I hope we will see a lot more projects like this in the Napa Valley, and more support from local businesses.”

Suzann Russell, Managing Director, Silicon Valley Bank Wine Division, St. Helena


Silicon Valley Team
L to R First Row: Lindsay Gallion, Diane Dodge Bianchini, William Stevens (Head of SVB’s Wine Division), Tyler Vasilik, Sara Chrisman Bjerkan. L to R Second Row: Suzann Russell, Steve Bierer, Jonathan Williams, Dino Pillinini