ourtownsthelena framing brenkle court

Together, the Brenkle Court homeowners raised their first wall.

Last weekend, Brenkle Court homeowners reviewed basic carpenter skills and safety precautions. One woman confessed to a few sleepless nights worrying about what she’d gotten herself into when it took her two minutes of concentrated effort just to pound in one nail.

ourtownsthelena framing brenkle court

Two women who’d never used an electric drill before are bolting the walls of their garages into place

Yet our crew gathered on another sunny but chilly October morning and framed their first wall. Together, they bolted it into place and moved on to the second wall. Then the third. It was starting to get easier for everyone. They nailed plywood onto the framing to finish off Saturday’s work.

By the end of the weekend, the Brenkle Court crew had framed and nailed plywood on eight walls.

What’s next? There are eight townhouses; each has a bathroom,
kitchen and living area downstairs so there will be a lot more framing over the next few weeks.

ourtownsthelena framing brenkle court townhomes

Learning new skills and to work together

ourtownsthelena 8 walls at brenklecourt

Finishing up the weekend with eight walls at Brenkle Court

our town st helena: framing our first wall at Brenkle Court

Our first wall at Brenkle Court!