The hottest weather of the summer, and our families were trenching for waste plumbing!

ourtownsthelena brenkle court job siteThankfully, this was the last digging project that we had to do. We used electric jackhammers to break the soil for the trenches. Because we still don’t have electricity, we used two generators, though we assured our neighbors that these were the quiet models. Out of respect for our neighbors, our early morning work was as far away from the adjacent homes as possible. No one wants to wake up to the sound of a jackhammer!

Last Saturday’s work required no power tools at all. The only appreciable noise from the project site was the sound of gravel being shoveled into wheelbarrows.

Next up: Pouring concrete slabs, then framingOur Town st helena work on the job site at brenkle court

Our work is proceeding as planned and we are getting closer to pouring the concrete slabs. That’s probably just a week away. Then the real work of framing begins, probably around the first part of October. Once we start framing, we’ll be onsite all day, every Saturday and Sunday for the next year. We’re on schedule, and the project is going well.