Last winter we built sawhorses in the Grace Episcopal Church parking lot. This was an exercise in using basic tools, but it was also a lesson in learning to work together. Now we’re putting those sawhorses to work on the job site!

Coming up: Jackhammers and pouring concrete

We dug trenches in 90-degree heat. This weekend we’ll be trenching for waste plumbing–the last digging we’ll have to do. We’ll be using electric jackhammers to break the soil for the trenches. We need to get started as early as possible so the concrete is placed and finished before the hottest part of the day. Concrete finishing is hard work, and if it starts to harden ahead of schedule due to excessive heat, it can turn into a fiasco.

This will be a one-time event consisting of just two days, probably consecutive. We’re keeping our McCorkle neighbors apprised of our activity so they’ll know what to expect in terms of noise and traffic.









We’ve installed waste plumbing pipes  

We’ve installed waste plumbing pipes in the trenches we dug over the last few weeks. What’s next? We’ll be pouring concrete.

our town st helena: we're installing waste plumbing pipes in the trenches we dug last week













We still need volunteers and tools.
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