Our Vision 

Increase housing opportunities for people vital to rural communities

We are a local nonprofit group addressing the lack of low and moderately priced housing that is essential to retaining and enhancing the structure and character of rural communities. We initiate activity to provide rental units, home ownership and nontraditional housing opportunities for unskilled, skilled and professional workforces and for our senior citizens. 

Our goal is to make small-town living accessible to a diverse group of people

We are committed to utilizing innovative and entrepreneurial thinking and tactics to create a range of housing opportunities. Our efforts will meet and exceed resource conservation requirements.

Our goal is to make the quality of life that is associated with small-town living accessible to a diverse group of people.

      our town st helena progress on Brenkle Court

      Construction Project Manager Larry Vermeulen 
      Education has been an important part of the Brenkle Court project.

      OTSH: Our Role in the Community

      our town st helena building affordable housing at Brenkle court

      Create Housing

      Identify in-fill opportunities. Find creative solutions for building housing to keep our workers, teachers and first responders in St. Helena.

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      Connect People

      Connect those who have housing opportunities with those with housing needs in creative, mutually beneficial ways.

      our town st helena building affordable housing at Brenkle court

      Public Education

      Help people understand the importance of maintaining a diverse and vital community. Every demographic contributes to the greater good.

      Our Projects

      Brenkle Court

      Eight Families are Building their Own homes

      Eight local families began construction on their homes at 684 McCorkle Avenue on July 13, 2019. This is a self-help housing program, and the homeowners are responsible for 65% of the work building their homes.

      our town st helena saturday morning at brenkle court
      ourtownsthelena affordable housing on pope street

      Creating a workforce villaGe

      963 Pope Street

      OTSH purchased the property at 963 Pope St. in fall 2019. In addition to the 2-bedroom/1-bath home on the 1/3-acre site, there’s room to add 3-4 rental units in the area behind the home.

      The Socioeconomics

      We began to see changes that were affecting the character of St. Helena. Families could no longer afford to live here.

      our town st helena: Bertha a brenkle court homeowner building her own home


      We're Making a Difference

      I have lived and worked in St. Helena since 1982. Building my own house here is a dream come true!
      our town st helena building affordable housing
      Bertha Delgadillo
      Brenkle Court Homeowner

      Get Involved

      Volunteer at Brenkle Court. Join our Advisory Board. Help us identify property.